How to sew a No Collar Coat

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Side seam pockets.
Full lining.
No collar.

Fusible straight stay tape : Strong against stretching
Half bias fusible stay tape : A little soft compared to straight tape
Fusible straight stay tape with stitching : Fusing it on the part you don't want to stretch absolutely

Which to put and where to put depends on the fabric and design.
Please refer to the video of the jacket(from 14 min 19 sec) below.

The white strip is just a "PP strap" that is often used for packing work.
This is in order not to slide while sewing (sewing gap).
When the thickness of the fabric is different, the pressure of the presser foot and the feed dog are not stable.
Putting this tape means adding the height, this is very useful.
It is used for stitch guide in this case.(01:33:23)

The pink tape is made of urethane foam with a sticky surface.
It is very useful as a guideline for stitching. We buy them in a kind of professional shop in Japan. The information of this shop is secret.(01:32:41)

1 needle sewing machine : DDL-5550N JUKI
1 needle overlock sewing machine : MO-3604 JUKI
Button hole sewing machine : DIANA D-2002- BABYLOCK
Bar tack and Eyelet stitch sewing machine : LK-1900ASS JUKI

Paris collection, Tokyo collection etc... Sample garment factory Atelier Saison.
We have sewed in Tokyo for more than 35 years.
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